Set IV, 9

Punctuating Sentences

Punctuate the following sentences. 


1. The cactus a weird leafless plant thrives in the wastelands of Arizona New Mexico and Central America

2. It clings to almost barren rocks spreads rapidly and even clambers up the sides of steep mountains

3. At one time all cactus plants had sharp thorny spines a protection against browsing desert animals

4. Early in the twentieth century however a spineless variety was developed by Luther Burbank the plant wizard

5. The hedgehog the bishop's hat the mistletoe and the barrel cactus are four interesting varieties of the spiny group

6. The sweet juice of the barrel cactus by the way has saved the lives of many lost frightened and thirsty travelers

7. In spring and early summer the stiff ugly stems of cactus plants are covered with yellow white pink scarlet crimson or purple blossoms

8. The beautiful delicate flowers vary in size style and fragrance

9. The three worst enemies of the cactus are excessive heat smothering dust and continuous drought

10. Most of these strange grotesque-looking desert plants however adjust to their surroundings outwit their enemies and flourish for several hundred years