Set IV, 8

Supply commas where they are needed in these sentences. If a sentence is correct, write C in the space provided.

_____ 1. The guests had arrived for John's party but no one greeted them at the door.

_____ 2. John is usually a dependable thoughtful person.

_____ 3. The guests had brought cake cookies and punch.

_____ 4. Yes they were surprised.

_____ 5. They knocked on his door called his name and tapped on his window.

_____ 6. Bill drove to the nearest telephone Rose sat on the steps and Adolph walked across the street.

_____ 7. Willard admired Rose's sense of humor.

_____ 8. Because Willard like Rose he commented about her laugh.

_____ 9. Adolph is Bill's brother not cousin.

_____ 10. Yes Bill has no cousins.

_____ 11. John who is my friend did not know that guest had arrived at his home.

_____ 12. Bill telephoned the neighbor who lived across the street.

_____ 13. I said that she helped not criticized him.

_____ 14. She is Martha H. Brunson Ph.D.

_____ 15. As you might have guessed John was not expecting guest that night.

_____ 16. Not expecting his guests until the following week John had driven to Hopkinsville Kentucky on December 2 1974.

_____ 17. You can't blame him can you?

_____ 18. The guest rather disappointed and puzzled went home.

_____ 19. The party having flopped they really had no other choice.

_____ 20. In spite of what happened they still like John.

Bindseil and Dickey, Effective Writing Methods and Examples, 314-16.