Set IV, 5

Periods, Question Marks, Exclamation Points, and Quotation Marks

Supply all necessary punctuation. If a sentence is correct, write C in the space provided.

_______ 1. Will you please give me a copy of the report.

_______ 2. I wonder if Sam is in Nebraska

_______ 3. Take out the trash

_______ 4. The geraniums will bloom in two months

_______ 5. Leroy L. Jones, Ph D, was elected president

_______ 6. Mr. and Ms Chingachgook will be at the banquet

_______ 7. Carmine has joined the WAVES

_______ 8. CBS has scheduled several new programs for the fall.

_______ 9. Margaret asked, "When will you be in New York"

_______ 10. No she yelled

_______ 11. Freda asked, "Is your mother home"

_______ 12. "Stop where you are Karen yelled.

_______ 13. Come to see me

_______ 14. The wild flowers in the Southwest are beautiful in the spring

_______ 15. I wonder if Bob will arrive on time

Bindseil and Dickey. Effective Writing, Houghton Mifflin, 1978, pp. 321-2.