Set IV, 4


Capitalize the following sentences. 

1. the oak knoll playhouse, on the corner of walnut avenue and oak street, will open on the fourth of july and close on columbus day.

2. during her vacation in new orleans, louisiana, last winter, miss rachel s. lane, home economics teacher at browne junior high school, discovered some interesting creole recipes.

3. the monroe doctrine was first formulated in president james monroe's annual message to congress on december 2, 1823.

4. christopher beal is majoring in history at harvard university.

5. amelia recommended window on the sea, but i chose stars above.

6. one of the new science teachers in our junior high school is romanian.

7. by 1951 various indian tribes of the west, sough, and southwest had demanded payment for three fourths of the continent from the indian claims committee.

8. a substance to replace damaged bone was developed by dr. fredlosee at the naval research institute.

9. phil answered, "alderney, guernsey, and jersey, three islands off the coast of france, are famous for their cows."

10. in 1786 the methodists organized the first sunday school in the united states.