Set IV, 3


Capitalize the following sentences. If you omit a needed capital or insert a capital that is not needed, the sentence is wrong. (Number of correct sentences = Score)

1. the united nations charter was signed in san francisco, california in june, 1945.

2. my brother has applied for admission to several local colleges, but he hopes to attend northeastern university.

3. new england's important waterway, the connecticut river, rises in northern new hampshire, two hundred yeards from the border of canada.

4. carl said, "yes, i am going to be a lifeguard at winter pond again this summer."

5. does edison junior high school have a football field, or does your team use the high school stadium?

6. the normans conquered the english forces under king harold at hastings, in the southern part of england.

7. what line from shelley's poem ode to the west wind is most frequently quoted?

8. on the first day of winter my aunt closes her house in the north and goes to a hotel in the south until spring.

9. the battle of iwo jima was fought during world war II.

10. members of the hobbies club and the camera club prepared the program for tuesday's assembly.