Set IV, 2

Capitalizing Correctly

As you copy the following words and expressions, capitalize them as you would if you were using them within sentences. Prepare to give a reason for each capital.

A. 1. aetra electric company

2. dr. alexander fleming

3. an inn in the adirondacks

4. summer or winter

5. thursday evening

6. mercury, jupiter, and the sun

7. from september to april

8. moosehead lake

9. an ancient egyptian tomb

10. a stadium in south bend

11. west point on the hudson river

12. french, algerba, and spelling

13. bedford motel on north road

14. olivera street in los angeles

15. battle of okinawa

16. annapolis maryland

17. bay shore junior high school

18. a junior high school in bay shore

19. the first five books of the bible

20. genesis, the first book in the bible