Set IV, 16

Supply all necessary punctuation and capitalization, using underlines to indicate italics. If a sentence is correct, write C in the space provided.

_____ 1. Robert Redford is a well know actor.

_____ 2. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the novel Tender Is the Night

_____ 3. Send me a copy of that letter

_____ 4. I wonder if Helen is at home

_____ 5. Will you please call me as soon as possible

_____ 6. Wilson Schor, M D, will be the speaker

_____ 7. ABC has an experienced news team.

_____ 8. Patricia asked Has the mail arrived

_____ 9. James poem won first prize.

_____ 10. Forty five people attended the party

_____ 11. Mrs Liveman loves her son in law

_____ 12. Alfred spoke to all well almost all of his former teachers

_____ 13. "A person who believes in it capital punishment has to defend his position to many people," she said.

_____ 14. The word personnel has two ns.

_____ 15. Alex Haley wrote Roots.

_____ 16. Help the child screamed

_____ 17. Tales of the Uncanny and Supernatural is Joe's most prized book.

_____ 18. Norman asked me if he could work at the store.

_____ 19. We crossed the mississippi river.

_____ 20. The sentence has two adverbs words that explain verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.

Bindseil and Dickey, Effective Writing Methods and Examples, 331-3.