Set IV, 14

Avoiding incorrect use of apostrophes

Directions: In each sentence, cross out the incorrect forms in parentheses; then write the correct form in the blank.

1. Women of yesterday wore their better dresses only on (Sundays, Sunday's, Sundays').

2. When I have a good day (its, it's, its') unusual and expected. ____________

3. I couldn't believe how run-down the (house's, houses, houses') were. ____________

4. Because of (it, its, it's) low tuition some students can pay their own way. ____________

5. Then taconite was used because of (it's, its', its) large supply. ____________

6. Kelley has gleaming brown (eye's, eyes', eyes). ____________

7. I can still recall that old stove with (its, it, its') dull gray color. ____________

8. My aunt (refuse's, refuses, refuses') to love the (one's, ones', ones) who really need her. ____________

9. (Its, It's, Its') my home now and it (looks, look's, looks') like a palace to me. ____________

10. All of the (employee's, employees', employees) will go out of their way to help. ____________