Set IV, 12

The following sentences need either commas or semicolons. Put in the punctuation that is needed.

1. I thought registration day would be tiring but I didn't know I'd have to stand in so many lines.

2. The dog, growling and snarling, snapped at me I was so frightened that I ran.

3. Helen and Joan wore identical dresses to the party therefore, they were so angry that they didn't speak to each other all evening.

4. Professors are supposed to be absent-minded and since I've been in college I've discovered this is true.

5. The suspect said he had never met the victim however, the detective knew this was a lie.

6. In the first place, it was snowing too hard to see the road in the second place, we had no chains.

7. I have read Soul on Ice but I have not read The Invisible Man.

8. San Francisco is my favorite city consequently, I hope to spend two weeks there this summer.

9. The quarterback made a brilliant pass and the end crossed the goal line for the winning touchdown.

10. Large supermarkets are fascinating for you can find in them everything from frozen chow mein to soybean flour.