Set III, 8

Sentence Structure - Patterns 

Join the following simple sentences into complex ones by adding words to make one sentence of each pair an adverbial or relative clause.

1. I visited Jane McKiney during the summer. She is a friend of mine. ________________________________________________________________________________

2. Littering is a problem in many cities. Nothing is being done about it. ________________________________________________________________________________

3. Joe Campbell caught the quarterback's pass. He raced thirty-five yards for the winning touchdown. ________________________________________________________________________________

4. The canoe hit a series of rapids. They were swept into the river. ________________________________________________________________________________

5. Angie couldn't sleep. She took a sleeping pill. ________________________________________________________________________________

6. He drank milkshakes all summer. He gained enough weight by September to make the team. ________________________________________________________________________________

7. Phil and Dave were college students. They had a great business repairing guitars. ________________________________________________________________________________

8. The flashlight did not work. The batteries were dead. ________________________________________________________________________________

9. Some people set their goals low. They are afraid of failing. ________________________________________________________________________________

10. The little boy was frightened by the thunder. He began to cry. ________________________________________________________________________________

11. I am going that way anyway. I will give you a lift. ________________________________________________________________________________

12. I saw the trophy. She won it in the swim team meet last year. ________________________________________________________________________________