Set III, 41

Separate run-together sentences by using a joining word such as before, after, when, because, or since.

Directions: Correct the following run-together sentences by turning the last one in each pair into an unfinished sentence. Use before, after, when, because, or since in the sentences as directed.

1. He looked really great he had his hair styled.

2. We will have a test on the first part of the course we have completed a review.

3. I ran around trying to close all of the windows the rain started to fall.

4. The tree on the corner of the street fell over into our yard a huge truck hit it.

5. Carla turned off the lights she left the room.

6. Many people will not even discuss death they don't like to talk about it.

7. It is surprising that Gordon is so tall his mother and father are only of average height.

8. You will probably get the job you have some experience in similar work.

9. I think I can reach my goal of a college degree I am trying to do the best work that I can in all of my classes.

10. Air and water pollution are problems that everyone should be concerned about we all want comfortable, healthy areas for our homes.