Set III,39

Directions: Separate the following run-together sentences and rewrite them correctly.

1. On weekends she opens her beauty shop, she has many of the women in the neighborhood as customers.

2. My brother, who is a postal clerk, has two sons one is a professional basketball player and the other is in college but has not yet made a career decision.

3. Some people think they are sisters, both of them look very much alike.

4. There are three popular non-store services in use today one of these is the vending machine which may provide twenty-four hour service in some places.

5. If prisoners have behaved properly, they are put on work release and they may go outside of the prison to work.

6. Painting a car requires skill and proper materials it is a job where knowledge and patience go hand-in-hand.

7. One of my friends has a wonderful voice and enjoys singing he also finds pleasure in making other people happy with his songs.

8. A discarded refrigerator can be a very dangerous thing for a small child, a child is curious about things and may accidentally become locked inside of the refrigerator.

9. A group of people gathered signatures of concerned parents, we took the signatures to the council and asked for a traffic light at the intersection.

10. In front of the couch is a white marble coffee table, in the middle of the table is an ashtray that looks like an open rhinoceros' mouth.