Set III, 38

Revise comma splices, fragments, and run-on sentences.

Correct any comma splices, fragments, or run-on sentences. Some sentences are correct; others are basically correct but could be punctuated more effectively.

1. The books are on the table near the window I don't know where the papers are.

2. The cat drank her milk noisily, the dog just gulped down his raw meat.

3. When I go to Canada this summer I want to hike in the mountains.

4. She made that dress from a pattern however, she can't sew a button to save her soul.

5. The table will have to go near the piano we have to rearrange the whole room.

6. He always makes the baseball team. This year his bad leg keeping him on the bench most of the time.

7. This was the best movie I have ever seen, and I am glad that I saw it.

8. She was the best student in her class, naturally, she got the highest grade.

9. He's going to medical school; his lifelong ambition to be a doctor.

10. The piano is terribly out of tune I can't stand to listen to it any longer.

11. He is always late for parties, no one seems to mind.

12. The chairs are too large for the room and the table looks awkward in the corner.

13. Because the washing machine blows bubbles all over the room I would prefer that you don't use it.

14. I find history an interesting subject at school, it gives a good idea of what mankind has been doing for the past 3,000 years.

15. You must take the dog out for a walk every night, or we will have to get rid of him.

16. I usually love apple pie the green mold on this one makes me think twice.

17. He is extremely careful about his footnotes; because he loves to get A's on his term paper.

18. The door making a strange creaking noise and beginning to make me nervous.

19. The phone has been ringing for the past hour; no one seems to want to answer it.

20. I have put a new roof on the house this will be a very wet winter.

21. My old girlfriend went back to school to become a lawyer everyone is proud of her.

22. The gym is just around the corner, however, I never get around to going there.

23. That orange feathered hat is a bit too big, I'll buy it anyway.

24. The tuxedo will have to be altered or I'll have to get married in my shorts.

25. Sunshine is good for you too much sun is bad for you.