Set III, 37

Separating run-together sentences with a period

Directions: The following sentences have not been separated or are separated only by a comma. Rewrite each pair of sentences. End the first sentences with a period and begin the next sentence with a capital letter.

1. He has a thin face his hair is thin, curly, and light brown.

2. The camel travels many miles across the desert with heavy loads on its back it is the only animal that can be used for desert transportation.

3. They wanted me to be in one of their clubs I wasn't interested.

4. The drugstore is the most convenient store in the neighborhood, usually it opens early in the morning and stays open until late.

5. They listen and ask questions about things they don't understand we answer them as well as we can from the knowledge we have.

6. After you have looked at the tires, shake the wheel on the front if it moves in and out, the car needs new wheel bearings.

7. Gasoline, propane, and diesel fuel are used to provide power for vehicles, as our population increases, we need to find new sources of energy besides coal and petroleum.

8. If she is lucky, she may have acquired a dishwasher, if not, her husband or children may volunteer to help with the dishes.

9. As my radio fills the air with beautiful music, my whole world becomes a dream there are no more tears to shed, no more anxiety or depression, no more cold or rainy days.

10. A beautiful lawn doesn't just happen by accident it is the result of many hours of work and much careful planning.