Set III, 36

Mark in the blank beside each sentence an R for a run-on sentence, a CS for a comma splice, an F for a fragment, and a C for a correct sentence.

_____ 1. Ms. Cassavete's magazine arrived, however, she burned it.

_____ 2. Mr. Fox kicked the dog the dog bit Mr. Fox on the leg.

_____ 3. Katti Ling bought a CB radio however someone removed it from her care before she could use it.

_____ 4. Conventions can be dog shows.

_____ 5. Since people in doctors' offices are always reading magazines, I have often wondered if they are really concentrating on what they read.

_____ 6. Seeing the owner of a famous restaurant drive out of the rear parking lot.

_____ 7. A thousand people attended the concert, all seemed pleased with the performance.

_____ 8. Enrika bought a tape recorder, it would not work.

_____ 9. Go to another parking lot this one is full.

_____ 10. Two people have resigned therefore, we plan to interview applicants in one week.

_____ 11. I know your secret, but I will not tell it to anyone.

_____ 12. People sometimes feel threatened when one looks into their eyes.

_____ 13. Smiles require little effort and no cost.

_____ 14. The man pretending to look at library books but actually watching someone through the shelves.

_____ 15. Restaurants tend to seat single people at counters or small, uncomfortable tables.

_____ 16. The moon was bright it made me feel good.

_____ 17. Some people are never happy. Because they seem to look for problems.

_____ 18. Mr. Palermo apologized at the beginning of his speech I immediately lost all interest in his topic.

_____ 19. People come people go; we never take time to befriend them.

_____ 20. Some people like bulls seeming to look for fights.