Mark in the blank beside each sentence an R for a run-on sentence, a CS for a comma splice, an F for a fragment, and a C for a correct sentence. Some correct sentences can be punctuated more effectively, however.

_____ 1. Carlos took the job and he was happy to get it.

_____ 2. Tono loves Chinese food, he eats it three times a week.

_____ 3. Lovie congratulated Jake and wished him success.

_____ 4. Ms. Nois wrote an article about Philadelphia. One of the local magazines buying it.

_____ 5. Pancho refuses to eat at the school cafeteria last year he found a roach in his tea.

_____ 6. Mr. Altman donated five chairs, four tables, and three barrels.

_____ 7. After the storm ended people came out of their houses.

_____ 8. My paper is due in three days, thus I cannot go to the movie.

_____ 9. The people have voiced their views, therefore they city council must act.

_____ 10. Since the money is in the budget, you might as well spend it.

_____ 11. The more I know about you, the better I like you.

_____ 12. Go to college it is worth the effort.

_____ 13. Tell me a good joke and I will tell you a better one.

_____ 14. The team had difficulty winning. Several players not caring about the team as a whole.

_____ 15. The players have had a bad season, as a result, a number of personality clashes have come to the surface.

_____ 16. When a good coach does television commercials he is near retirement.

_____ 17. Some coaches become so popular that they are more powerful than colleges presidents.

_____ 18. The American public loves football, television ratings indicate this preference.

_____ 19. We support you we appreciate you.

_____ 20. We are impressed with you however, we cannot offer you a job at this time.