Set III, 34

Sentence sense: before each number, insert S for a correct sentence, F for a fragment, CS for a comma splice, and FS for a fused sentence. (A fused sentence is another name for a run-on sentence.)

_____ 1. Set the alarm, and I'll study in the morning.

_____ 2. Our team lost last night therefore, we can't enter the tournament.

_____ 3. TV weather maps have various symbols, for example, a big apostrophe means drizzle.

_____ 4. When the mining machines rumbled away, the ruined mountain was left barren and ugly.

_____ 5. Swimming along the edge of the river where it was not deep.

_____ 6. First the horse trotted then he broke into a gallop.

_____ 7. After having read several articles in the newspaper about the European situation.

_____ 8. He was a strange fellow nevertheless, I liked him.

_____ 9. Derivations are important as they help you remember important words.

_____ 10. I have done my homework for tomorrow, I have also finished my term paper.

_____ 11. Jim hoped that someone would come to relieve him, for he had been there since morning.

_____ 12. He put off writing his paper until an hour before class, of course, he didn't get it finished.

_____ 13. Having walked through the forest all morning without a break and being tired.

_____ 14. Suddenly the string broke the beads bounced over the floor.

_____ 15. He studied for his examination all afternoon moreover, he didn't even hear his friends outside.

_____ 16. Use a word three times, and you won't forget it.

_____ 17. Although they had earned enough money to buy a house.

_____ 18. Vachel Lindsay was born in Springfield, Illinois, on November 10, 1879, his home for many years was next door to the executive mansion.

_____ 19. The new owners of the farm had no interest in the past, nor did they care anything about beauty.

_____ 20. I used to drive a bright red Chevy, now I drive a little light blue Datsun.