Set III, 33

Rewrite all of these examples into complete sentences.

1. After we spoke on the telephone.

2. Although he gets good marks. He doesn't know much about life.

3. I do not love him anymore. Not as I used to.

4. People running, screaming and crying.

5. Felt terrible.

6. Books that are too long.

7. He is an active member. Of the Young Lords.

8. If you say that once more.

9. Over the river and through the woods.

10. During the lecture, which lasted four hours.

11. Patients in the wards sitting around all day with nothing to do.

12. Friends who are always there when you need them.

13. Trying to do his best.

14. A man who is always on time.

15. Because the music is soft and the lights are softer.

16. Running all the way.

17. Seems to know French.

18. Faster and faster.

19. If Robert goes to college this year.

20. Killing me softly with his song.