Set III, 31

All of these are pieces of sentences (fragments); they have only a partial or incomplete verb. Complete the verb in order to make these fragments into sentences.

1. The spotted cats creeping in the underbrush.

2. They painting the flagpole in bright yellow.

3. The children grown a lot this past year.

4. By six, he already walking to his next class.

5. I seen her here before.

6. I going to be a doctor.

7. She playing her guitar when the mouse made its appearance.

8. He born in Toronto, Canada.

9. We shown around his new house.

10. By the time I arrived, he already gone.

11. These photographs taken last year.

12. On Thursday, they leaving for Europe.

All of these are pieces of sentences (fragments); they lack a subject and they contain only a partial verb. Make these fragments into sentences by adding a subject and by completing the verb.

1. Walking down the street.

2. Been there for two years.

3. Finishing the term paper now.

4. Gone over the fence for a home run.

5. Written three novels in two months.

6. Swimming all afternoon at Coney Island.

7. Seen them at the movies twice so far.

8. Shaking him hard in order to wake him up.

9. Spoken to him about this matter before.

10. Chosen a good location for the store.

11. Doing a good job.

12. Forgotten to bring the car keys.