Set III, 27

Making -ing expressions finished sentences

Directions: Finish each unfinished sentence by joining it to a complete sentence next to it. Then write each sentence you have changed.

1. Waiting for your turn to see the doctor. You can get nervous.

2. My visits to the doctor always start out the same way. Getting my blood pressure checked by the nurse.

3. Her clothes being so out of style. She decided to buy new ones.

4. Everyone should find the new law satisfactory. Especially knowing it will give people equal pay for equal work.

5. Love is a strong force of devotion which nothing can destroy. Caring and showing kindness to your worst enemy and helping him when he's in trouble.

6. This was an experience I learned from. Boarding a ship in New York in October, 1951 which was leaving for Germany. This was my first time on a ship.

7. He enjoys having a good time at anything he does. Never taking anything too seriously. Enjoying the good life and now worrying about the bad. This is the best outlook to have.

8. I like to garden on some days more than others. When I dig, I imagine what I would like to have said to some people but didn't. Releasing my pent-up energy of the day on weeds and soil. I relax when I water my garden and then sit and look at it.

9. Max was one of the worst chain smokers you could ever imagine. Interrupting an informative conversation just long enough to light his next cigarette from the butt of his last. He spoke with a cigarette constantly waving in the air for emphasis.

10. It took awhile before I got used to riding the horse, but it turned out to be fun. Galloping along the beach and feeling the cool breeze blowing through my hair. My mind was free of troublesome worries.