Set III, 26

Finish an unfinished sentence that begins with an expression like to see, to walk, or to give.

Directions: Finish each unfinished sentence by joining it to a finished sentence next to it. Then write each sentence you have changed.

1. We all ran to the windows. To see what all the commotion was about. The neighbor's dog had chased our two cats up a tree. And both were scolding him loudly. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

2. His life is filled with experiences that he has gone through. He got comfortable at the table. To talk about them in great detail. We all listened until midnight. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

3. I recall standing on the corner where everyone gathered on a warm summer's night to play hide-and-seek. This was one of the best times of my childhood. I can remember the names of the people who lived on our street and liked to sit on their porches in the evenings. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

4. To get the best mileage from your car. Try to avoid fast starts and driving over 55 miles per hour. Having your car properly tuned can also help. _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

5. I sent out over 30 letters to companies in the area. To try to get a job for the summer that did not involve night work.It took a few weeks before I was called for the first interview. To see if I was the sort of worker needed. I was nervous when answering the questions asked but got the job anyway. _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

6. Training beyond high school is almost essential. To help you get a responsible job that you will really enjoy. Just making money is not enough to satisfy you if the work is boring. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

7. To prepare for your job interview. Dress conservatively and neatly and have a resume with you. To help you in filling out the application. And to jog your memory when answering questions. Even if a lot of the same information is required on the application, having a resume is a good idea. You should check over it periodically. To make sure it is up to date. And to list information such as recent courses you have taken. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

8. Raising a child can give a woman a sense of responsibility. And the father is now participating more in child-rearing. To help out if the wife works outside the home. But also to have more influence on his children's lives. He realizes how important he is to them. To his daughters as well as his sons. He is the main model of what a man is as his children grow up. The father can be as much a parent as the mother. He can help his children to grow up without feeling he was never at home. To help them out when they needed him. And to give the guidance only a father can give. To experience all the rewards of being a parent, a man has to get involved. And not think that being with children is women's work. _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________