Set III, 25

Correcting unfinished sentences containing subjects and verbs

Directions: Finish each unfinished sentence by joining it to a complete sentence next to it. Then write each sentence you have changed. If you put the unfinished part first, put a comma after it. Look especially for word groups starting with because, as, although, even though, when, after, before, while, and since.

1. I ran into a parked car. My cousin sat a few minutes and then got out to see who the car belonged to. Even though that car wasn't damaged.

2. Although it was raining. We went to the picnic.

3. In the city there are more job opportunities. Because it is larger and has more stores and factories.

4. When my alarm went off at seven o'clock this morning. I had to jump right out of bed. I had a lot to do before school.

5. My cousin tried to find me a job. Since I had graduated from high school and wasn't planning to go to college for a while.

6. After you remove the hamburger from the oven. Pour the creamed potatoes over it. Then sit down to a delicious meal.

7. Although my idea of the ideal mate has changed some. I still think it is important to marry someone who has the same goals as I do.

8. Bath time is an ideal family time. Because a baby is most alert, receptive, and responsive at this time.

9. After you wet your hair. Put the shampoo on it and rub it in well. Repeat this and rinse thoroughly. Until your hair has no trace of soap in it.

10. Everyone spent the next three hours dancing. While I just sat there and watched. And I tried to figure out the steps so I could teach them to Jerry.

11. Ever since he saw Saturday Night Fever. My boyfriend has imagined he is John Travolta on the dance floor. I have to admit he looks pretty good. Even though he's just learning some of the new steps.

12. When they start playing some of those songs. You can't sit still and just listen. They make you want to dance too. Even if you don't know how.

13. Although I thought I would be too tired to have a good time. I must admit I was glad I went to The Seawall with the others. It was more fun than I'd expected because we all went together. And because there were other people to dance with.