Set III, 24

Correcting unfinished sentences containing subjects and verbs

Directions: Finish each unfinished sentence by joining it to a sentence next to it. Look especially for word groups starting with who, which, or that.

1. My friend Barbara is a sweet person. Who has not changed much over the years.

2. I think it will be a day I'll always remember. It will be a day we'll both remember. That was full of happiness.

3. A friend is a person that is around when you need help. That will do almost anything for you.

4. Inside the house is a set of old colonial furniture that I like. Which reminds me of the olden days.

5. She taught me that I could stand on my own feet. That life itself was a gift with certain rules, and my conscience was there to help me follow the rules.

6. My friend married a professional man. Who earns a high salary.

7. Some people define love as an attraction to another person. Who is of the opposite sex. Most people would agree with that, but there is more you should know about love.

8. The city of Paris is beautiful at night, full of bright lights. That outline some of the city buildings.