Set III, 23

Finish an unfinished sentence that contains a verb but no subject.

Directions: Finish each unfinished sentence by joining it to a finished sentence next to it.

Write each sentence you have changed.

1. My sister and I share clothes, jewelry, and books. And often share boyfriends too.

2. To succeed in school you must budget your time wisely, eat right, and get enough sleep. Plus study hard.

3. Vanessa usually comes to school by bus. But sometimes catches a ride with a friend.

4. John Wilson is safe, considerate, and careful to observe the speed limit. He watches for unseen hazards. And always lets other drivers have the right-of-way.

5. John frequently let his battery water get too low. And never got new tires until he couldn't pass inspection with his bald ones. He also drove with a badly cracked windshield for ten months.

6. I rushed to get ready to go to the movie. But didn't get there until it had already started. I had to stay after the end to catch the first ten minutes of the next showing.

7. My cousin has worked as a receptionist for a doctor for five years. And has worked as a nurse's aide too. Now she wants to go to nursing school to become a registered nurse.