Set III, 22

Correcting unfinished sentences with subjects and no verbs.

Directions: Finish each unfinished sentence by joining it to a finished sentence next to it or by adding a verb. Then write each sentence you have changed.

1. I was ready to enjoy my meal. The rare meat cooked just as I wanted it. The wine was chilled perfectly.

2. There are two kinds of skating. Roller skating and ice skating.

3. There are several main factors in skating. Momentum, direction, and lean. All three are important.

4. There are three pattern pieces to the pants. The front, the back, and the waistband.

5. Independence Day is a day to have a family cookout. A day to stay home from school. A day to do nothing but just be lazy.

6. I think the fireplace is beautiful with the statues of the two dogs next to it. In front of the fireplace the coffee table where we would sit and play chess for hours. This is a cozy room.

7. I'm standing on a small hill above a village. The view of the village is most delightful. The cozy little inns right down below me with beautiful and colorful designs around the windows.

8. I also notice the many homes and apartments of this village, with a thick layer of snow on top of the roofs. And the tall steeple of the church sticks way up in the clear, blue sky. The mountains in the far distance covered with snow.