Set III, 21

Directions: Rewrite the following paragraph, finishing each unfinished sentence by joining it to a finished sentence next to it. Where necessary, add words, omit words, or change punctuation.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a British novelist and storyteller. Best known for his stories about Sherlock Holmes. Who was a famous detective. Dr. Watson was a friend of Holmes. Helping him whenever he could. Watson was always surprised at the clues Holmes managed to find. Since he wasn't as smart as Holmes. I enjoyed seeing if I could solve Holmes's cases before he revealed the solution. It was a simple matter of putting pieces together. In their proper order. It was like finishing a jigsaw puzzle. Being finally able to see the whole picture. I was able to figure out more than Watson. Who was always two steps behind. But usually had to wait until the last chapter. To see how Holmes solved the case. There was an element of suspense. To make me wonder how he would find the clue he needed.