Set III, 20

Recognizing and Writing Complete Sentences

Three of the following are complete sentences. Nine are sentence fragments. On your paper write C for a correct sentence, copy the sentence, underline the simple subject once, and underline the verb twice.

For a sentence fragment write SF. Then complete the sentence. Underline the simple subject once and underline the verb twice.


SF: Crossed the swinging footbridge. The hikers crossed the swinging footbridge.

SF: The stone steps to the bird sanctuary. The stone steps lead to the bird sanctuary.

1. Requesting your answer immediately.

2. Leaped over the pasture fence and bolted toward the main road.

3. An angora kitten with bright blue eyes.

4. Sing softly.

5. John Quincy Adams, the son of our second President.

6. Our quota after two weeks of tireless effort.

7. Don MacMahon, the center fielder for our team.

8. Watched two men scoop away the bank with a bulldozer.

9. The little white horse with a quick dancing trot.

10. Leonard Bernstein conducted brilliantly at a performance of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

11. A visit to the office of the Sentinel.

12. Boraz has become increasingly important in the manufacture of missile fuel.