Set III, 15

Misplaced Parts and Hanging Parts of Sentences

Correcting sentences with misplaced parts

Directions: Most of the sentences below contain misplaced parts. Rewrite the sentences, correcting the misplaced parts. If the sentence is correct, write C.

1. She answered the ad which appeared in Sunday's paper for a clerk.

2. She bought a dress from a little shop made of denim.

3. John ran to the room where the teacher was giving the test with his heart pounding.

4. The cupcakes were given to the children that had vanilla icing on them.

5. I said when the class was over I would tell her about it.

6. The hikers had to walk all day without sitting down to rest in the slushy snow.

7. The money was in the safe that the robbers stole.

8. The dog which belongs to my neighbor buried a bone in my yard.

9. I promised when the program was over that I would bake a cake.

10. She wore a long, silk skirt with a peach blouse that was ankle-length.

Correcting hanging parts of sentences

Directions: Most of the following sentences contain hanging parts. Correct the incorrect sentences. If a sentence is already correct, write C.

1. Upon receiving the reward, the money was deposited in Joe's account in the bank.

2. Sewing the dress, Joan broke two needles.

3. After cooking all day, the children surprised their mother with dinner out.

4. Debating about grading policies, the issue was finally resolved.

5. Arriving early, many seats were available.

6. Flying through the clouds; the plane signaled to the tower.

7. Working all morning, the job was finally done.

8. While driving to school, the right front tire went flat.

9. As a lover of French food, that restaurant is my favorite.

10. By reading the poem carefully, the meaning becomes clear.