Set III, 14

Writing Parallels

Now, rewrite each of the following and use parallelism to accentuate the parallel ideas.

Example: We would break some windows, hopped a few trains. We had a few fights.

1. Tom enjoys swimming, and he likes to skate too.

2. He wore a green suede jacket, and his shirt was flowered. He was wearing platform shoes, multicolored.

3. At 16, I was full of wildness, outspoken, and I was an uncaring person.

4. The work was difficult and there was danger in it.

5. Like many women, she had several roles: wife, mother, going to school, job.

6. When the teacher left the room, I talked loudly, was fighting with my classmates and would throw paper airplanes and even climbed on the desks.

7. When I disobeyed, my parents punished me: no going out, I couldn't talk on the telephone, and was not allowed to have company.

8. Slowly, with ease, and soundless, the dancers moved offstage.

9. The drums pounded, did throb, were rising and falling.

10. Good writing must be honest, have freshness, and precise words.

11. My son wants to be either a fireman or fly planes.

12. The students were more interested in dates with girls than in studying math.

Below are the skeletons of sentences; fill in the blanks in each sentence with parallel words or phrases of your own. Be creative. Take care that your sentences make sense and that your parallels are truly parallel.

Example: I feel rested and happy.

1. Subways are ____________, _____________, and ______________.

2. At those parties, we had lots of fun. We __________________, _______________________, and ____________________________.

3. In high school ____________________________, but in college _________________________.

4. __________________ and _______________ make me nervous.

5. It is much harder to ______________ than to _______________.

6. If you ___________ and ___________, you will feel healthy.

7. The way we dress reveals our ____________, our ______________ and our _______________.

8. Many city apartments are plagued by __________, and ________, and ___________________.

9. When you ____________ or _____________, it is hard to find a good job.

10. It was a clear April day. In the park, __________________, _______________________, and _____________________________.

11. If you are a man in America, ____________________________; if you are a woman in America _______________________________.

12. Many college students __________, __________, and _________.

13. Bargain hunters either _________________ or ________________.

14. O. J. Simpson is a man who _______________, ____________, and who ___________________.

15. When I write in class _______________________; when I write at home ________________________.