Set III, 13

Parallel Sentences

In the provided spaces, write C for each sentence that is parallel and W for each sentence that is not parallel.

______ 1. The audience cheered, laughed, and cried.

______ 2. Mrs. Pompeo was so shocked that she had to sit down.

______ 3. She told me that she had seen a peeping Tom and he waved a knife at her.

______ 4. Mr. Eagleton reads mysteries, listens to classical music, and he watches television.

______ 5. Niki's favorite subjects are Spanish, journalism, and she likes math.

______ 6. The fraternities complete in baseball, basketball, and football.

______ 7. Mrs. Wreniski not only works on weekdays, but she also works on weekends.

______ 8. Ethel Stein brought ham, salad, and bread.

______ 9. The wind blew; the rain fell; the dog barked.

______ 10. Because you are my friend and because I do not want to hurt you, I will leave now.

______ 11. The entertainer looked into the audience, and his eyes met those of a beautiful lady.

______ 12. The telephone rang, but Teri did not answer it.

______ 13. Rosita drove, Carlos read the map, and Joe held the baby.

______ 14. The sofa was black, brown, and white.

______ 15. The Rainwater family golfs, swims, and fishing.