Set III, 12

Give your sentences balance

Identifying unbalanced parts of sentences

Directions: If all parts in any of the following sentences are balanced, write C. If they are not, underline the unbalanced part and then write its letter.

1. To get to Washington a person may travel (A) by bus, (B) by airplane, or (C) ride in his own car.

2. On our trips my father often showed us (A) historic public buildings, (B) where the scenery was beautiful, and (C) modern museums.

3. (A) The placing of utility lines underground, (B) not allowing trucks, and (C) the expanding of bicycle routes would make an already good neighborhood even better.

4. When the children noticed that they were lost, (A) they stopped laughing, (B) their vitality declined, and (C) their speed slowed.

5. Joe showed me (A) how to plow the ground, (B) how to plant the seeds, and (C) how to fertilize my garden.

6. Sex-role stereotyping has frequently made women appear (A) passive, (B) dependent, (C) not strong, and (D) stupid.

7. Although my neighborhood contains (A) spacious tree-lined boulevards, (B) beautifully landscaped yards, and (C) various recreational facilities, a few improvements are desirable.

8. Few young men have had the opportunity to study such vocations as (A) how to cook, (B) nursing, or (C) hairdressing.

9. The volcanic eruption required the people (A) to evacuate the small island, (B) that they return to the mainland, (C) and to seek aid.

10. (A) Medicine, (B) law, (C) engineering, and (D) being interested in science have been considered men's fields for many years.