Set III, 11

Read through the parallel series below and circle the element in each that is not parallel.

Example: blue red (colored like rust) purple

1. camping 6. wrapped in furs
    boat rides     adorned with jewels
    hiking     into the Rolls Royce
    skiing     bathed in perfume

2. They raise corn and wheat. 7. power
    They make their own wine.     courage
    They are digging for clams.     honesty

3. in the pit of his stomach 8. fly
    across his forehead     fluttered
    his eyes     fadded
    through his veins     fell

4. painting pictures 9. rib restaurants
    two boxes of watercolors     chicken shacks
    a large sketch pad     eating meat pies
    crayons     soul food shops

5. loneliness 10. carefree in the summer
    despair     in the fall
    sadly     depressed in the winter
    renewed in the spring