Set II, 8

Select the correct  word or expression.

1. In the bitter cold, (he, him) and Dad struggled to save the orange crop.

2. (Her and me, She and I) have joined the Shutter and Lens.

3. Phil showed Danny and (I, me) his butterfly collection.

4. Bert warned Hank and (I, me) about the strong undertow at Breezy Point.

5. Jessie sent Gail and (he, him) postcards from Quebec.

6. (He and I, Him and me) are building a rock garden for Aunt Lucy.

7. Half an hour later Mother called Dad and (I, me) to lunch.

8. Was that (her, she) on the palomino?

9. Mr. Adams helped (he, him) and Ruby with their rocket.

10. Lend Alf and (I, me) your book on dog training.

11. Aunt Martha gave the puppets to Holly and (I, me).

12. Are Harry and (he, him) out in their boat in this storm?

13. Everyone except (he, him) had given up the search for the runaway Irish Setter.

14. Between you and (I, me), today's science quiz was easy.

15. Can't (us, we) boys rake the leaves tomorrow?

16. (Her and me, She and I) are trying out for parts in Miss Cherry Blossom.

17. Those green apples gave Bill and (I, me) stomach aches.

18. The scoutmaster told Fred and (I, me) the troop's decision.

19. Abby and (I, me) are members of the Volleyball Club.

20. A neighbor's television kept Betty and (I, me) awake.