Set II, 4

 Prepositions of Time

Identify the correct preposition in parentheses in the exercises below.

1. Does the movie begin (at, on) 6:30? No, it will not begin (until, for) 9:00, so do not arrive (before, by) that time.

2. He asked me to come (at, in) 11:30, not (at, in) noon.

3. We will go to Florida (since, during) the month of January.

4. The stores stay open (on, in) Mondays (until, for) 9:00 p.m.

5. Mary has been in the United States (for, during) a year.

6. John has lived in France (for, since) two years.

7. I read (for, during) three hours, (at, from) 9:00 p.m. (until, by) 12:00.

8. Did you meet Mr. Green (at, during) your stay in Savannah?

9. No, I did not see him because I was there (for, during) only two hours.

10. The train is (on, in) time. It will arrive (in, by) three hours.

11. Is your birthday (in, on) April? Mine is (in, on) April 7.

12. Come (by, on) 8:00 if you can; no one will be seated at the theater (after, since) 8:30.

13. I try to get to school (in, on) time to have a cup of coffee before my first class.

14. He will leave for Thailand (at, in) the end of August. There will be a farewell party for him (in, on) the twentieth of August.

15. Columbus discovered America (in, on) 1492.

16. The projector broke down twice (for, during) the showing of the film.

17. He had been waiting here (during, since) noon.

18. I received my bill (to, in) the middle of the month.

19. Can you be ready (by, on) six o'clock?

20. We plan to finish this project (around, until) the first of the year.