Set II, 3

Prepositions of Place, Position, or Direction

Identify the correct preposition in parentheses in the exercises below.

1. Do you live (at, on) Bay Street (in, on) Newport?

2. I hung the picture (above, on) the fireplace.

3. She walked (in, into) the kitchen and put her packages (on, over) the table.

4. Is June (at, in) home? No, she is (on, at) the library.

5. May is sitting (in, on) the sofa (at, in) the living room.

6. Michigan is situated (in, between) Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

7. While waiting for my train, I took a walk (around, across) the station.

8. A formation of twelve airplanes flew (over, on top of) our house.

9. The artist spends many hours (in, on) his studio (on, at) 50 Charles Street.

10. John found a note pinned (in, on) his door which said: "Meet me (at, in) the corner of Pine and Fifth Streets."

11. The Blake family lives (at, on) Third Street (in, on) Cleveland, Ohio.

12. Don't forget to put your return address (in, on) the envelope.

13. He sat (near, against) the camp fire.

14. Mr. Flanagan, who is (from, of) Ireland, is staying (at, to) his sister's home in Boston.

15. Someone has spilled ink (in, on) this rug and has burned a hole (in, on) that one.

16. The door was locked, so I shoved the letter (under, around) the door.

17. He piled the books (above, on top of) the table.

18. He arrived (in, at) Switzerland last week.

19. You are ahead of me. Your name is (above, at the top of) the list.

20. Your score on the examination is well (above, over) average.