Set II, 2

Draw a circle around the correct preposition in parentheses in the following paragraphs:

1. John Doe, who graduated (of, from) the University of North Carolina two years ago, is now doing graduate work (in, on) engineering (at, to) Georgia Tech. He expects to receive his Master's degree (by, in) next June. After that, he plans to accept a job (as, like) a technician (by, with) an oil company (in, at) South America.

2. Jim was walking (across, over) the campus (in, at) noon when he met a friend whom he had not seen (since, during) summer. They stopped (in front of, around) the gymnasium and sat down (in, on) the steps. After they had talked (for, during) about ten minutes, Jim said, "I must go (toward, to) the library and take out some books. I have a test in history (in, on) Friday. I am living (to, in) Jefferson Hall this semester. Why don't you drop by some afternoon (over, after) classes?"

3. Mr. Hill arrived in New York (on, in) May 10 (at, on) eight o'clock (in, on) the evening. He decided to call on his uncle who lived (on, in) Fifth Avenue. He got a bus (at, of) the station and put his fare (on, in) the fare box. The bus was very crowded, so Mr. Hill had to stand up all the way.

When he reached 85th Street, Mr. Hill got off the bus and walked a short distance (in, to) the apartment building (in, of) which his uncle lived. He knocked (at, in) the door, (of, on) his uncle's apartment. He waited (for, during) a few minutes, but no one came (to, at) the door. He was disappointed to find no one (to, at) home. He didn't know where to go because his uncle had promised to reserve a room for him (at, by) a downtown hotel. He saw a bench (at, to) the end of the hall, and he sat down (on, in) it to wait for his uncle.