Set II, 28A



alsoin the next place
againin final analyses
andI repeat
and thenit is also interesting to
and trulynote that
and indeedinterestingly enough
and, yesjust as
above all it must be addedlast
among many other . . .lastly
another dominant motiflet us continue
another reason (cause, result, etc.)let us now turn
besidesmost of
besides thismoreover
even sonor
enough saidnext
equally importantone of the best (principal,
furthermost important, chief)
firstproofs (examples test,
finallyillustrations, etc.)
for all these reasonsone such
in addition (or in addition to)so are
in all thissecond or secondly (etc.)
in fine and furtherthe first problem is . . .
indeedthe next step is
in the frist (second, etc.) placetoo


asas if
as thoughunsuccessfully


equally important


indeedI assume, suppose, believe,
in fact
mean, fancy, think
in any event one feels
in my opinion


in the same place throughout this paper
near by
(essay, theme)
opposite to where
on the opposite side wherever
thence whence, whither; whereto


after all least
albeit nevertheless
and yet naturally
as such neither does
anyhow not merely
although this may not be true notwithstanding
although it may not seem logical no less important than
at first not only this but also . . .
but rather none the less
but now let us turn to
but practically on the other hand
but certainly not least important on the other part
but at last on the contrary
but instead on the one hand
conversely others maintain
contrariwise otherwise
despite the fact perhaps
different from perchance
doubtless perversely
even yet rather than
even though still
for all that so to speak
generally speaking strange as it seems
however to consider another phase of
in contrast to this the question
in spite of this turning now to the other side
in no other . . . theoretically
inasmuch as the difference between
in other words the counterpart
in that case there is a vast difference in
it is true unlike
instead of unfortunately
of so whereas
in order to understand the whether or not
difference . . . yet


it is quite obvious (apparent, so that
plain, evident, possible,
likely, ironic, tragic,
probable, incredible,
so it is clear or evident that
significant) that
it would not be without validity thus
to assume that thus we see
it would not be foolish to thereupon
suppose that therefore
it needs only to be mentioned the facts seem to indicate
naturally that
obviously wherefore
once convinced that plainly


all in all it is reminiscent of
all these it all depends upon
although it my not be apparent, it remains to be seen
on consideration it becomes it is very well to . . .
evident that it is upon this idea (theme,
and so again
argument) that
as I have said in this discussion (paper) we
as has been noted
have seen that
as a result it is true
as I implied earlier it may be said
at least or at last it seems to me
basically it is necessary to consider
best of all that
doubtless let us note
especially last and worst
finally merely
for more and more
fortunately my last point can be handled
generally speaking very briefly
in other words no doubt
indeed of course
in fact on the whole
in any event once more
in every case primarily
in particularly truly
in conclusion true
in general to sum up
in brief to repeat
in effect to my mind
in sum to be sure
in truth that is
in short thus
I might say thus far
it is important for us to thus we see
remember that the facts seem to indicate
it must be admitted that that
we only see

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