Set II, 26

Locating words that should be plural

Directions: The sentences below have words that are used incorrectly. Underline any of these words that you find. Then write each underlined word correctly.

EXAMPLE: I tried to enroll in that course three time. times

1. I prefer American cars over all other on the market.

2. Three week later than I had planned, I left for New York.

3. Holiday time was busy, with plenty of thing to do.

4. To get to school very easily, follow these few simple direction.

5. Almost every Saturday night, I really enjoy attending dance at private clubs.

6. My sister has so many clothes that she has trouble choosing which of her dress to wear.

7. Being with my friends makes my weekend happy ones.

8. Playing cards with other student in the cafeteria is fun for me.

9. Four ambulance took the injured passengers to the nearest hospital.

10. Sometimes babies don't like to wear shoe.

Describing more than one person or thing

Directions: In the sentences below cross out the word (in parentheses) that incorrectly names persons or things. Then write the correct word.

EXAMPLE: That tablet now costs ninety-eight (cent, cents) cents

1. I've tried to work that arithmetic problem at least five (time, times).

2. All of John's (friend, friends) feel the same way about the problem as he does.

3. Night club singers often include a sad (song, songs) in their acts.

4. On many (occasion, occasions) women have been forced to accept lower wages than men are paid for the same job.

5. College classes sometimes include a few older (student, students).

6. We can't expect to be right at every (period, periods) of our lives.

7. To make that blouse you will need five (yard, yards) of material.

8. (Sometime, Sometimes) the work is just too difficult.

9. People laught at some of Jane's (excuse, excuses).

10. After a few weak (attempt, attempts) at studying, Bill gave up and went out with his friends.

Locating names of persons and things that have special plural forms

Directions: In the sentences below cross out the word (in parentheses) that incorrectly names persons or things. Then write the correct word.

EXAMPLE: Our living room is twenty (foot, feet) wide. feet

1. Being cruel to (childs, children) is called child abuse.

2. The kinds of work some (womans, women) can do is limited by law in some states.

3. Usually Marvin finds it very easy to carry on conversations with other (mans, men).

4. Somethimes high-school (freshman, freshmen) outnumber the seniors.

5. He couldn't believe his eyes when he passed a (women, woman) working on the road-building project.

6. Dentists usually advise people to brush their (tooths, teeth) carefully at least twice a day.

7. Usually the (foremans, foremen) at large industrial plants have authority over some other employees.

8. Every fall many (goose, geese) fly over our area on their way to marshy lands farther south.


Directions: Copy the paragraph below, correcting any errors in the words that name people or things.

Several thing in my high-school career pleased me. Many of the class were pleasant as well as informative. Almost every teachers was helpful and interested in each students. Only a few peoples ever had any real trouble with class work. The assembly program were usually entertaining and interesting. After schools all kind of sports activities were held. There were even several other kind of different thing to do. One of the nearby school opened its pool to permit different age group to swim at different times. Maybe I didn't like school all the times because I couldn't decide whether some young man or woman were there to study or to play.