Set II, 25

Using singular and plural words correctly

Describing single persons or things

Directions: In the sentences below, underline any incorrect singular or plural word. Then write that word correctly.

EXAMPLE: A slip-on shoes is sometimes call a loafter. shoe

1. Each persons in the class felt uncomfortable.

2. Every days of my life I begin a new adventure.

3. One days Sam will probably get all of the answers right.

4. After the show some people stood around talking to each others.

5. Add the liquid slowly, a spoonful at a times.

6. If you follow each direction carefully, you will be able to make your own dress.

7. As the result of a long training periods, he became skilled in the sport.

8. A bed is one of the most important item in a house.

9. My club has members from every kinds of background.

10. Sometimes life in the army can be very exciting for a certain groups of people.