Set II, 23

Show ownership clearly by using the correct forms.

Directions: Write a word that refers to the italicized subject in each of these sentences.

1. You and Jean are responsible for ___________ own errors.

2. My cousins could not find ___________ way back home.

3. That book has lost most of ___________ pages.

4. I think that all these jewels are ___________.

5. My sister and I only want what is really ___________.

Directions: Cross out any form that does not show ownership correctly. Write the correct form.

1. The loss of a (wife, wife's) income can often add a burden to the family.

2. Some people have no respect for another (person, person's) property.

3. First gather (you, your, you're) equipment before you start baking a cake.

4. A neglected (child, child's) future is very dim.

5. It is sometimes best to let a splinter work (it, its, it's) way out of the finger.

6. John is a good friend of (mine, mines, mine's).

7. My reason for not going is not necessarily the same as (yours, your's).

8. The guillotine was at one time (France, France's) newest toy.

9. My (teacher, teacher's) pocketbook is on her desk.

10. By fighting the Revolutionary War, the United States won freedom from (it, its, it's) mother country.

11. The land was not (our, ours, our's) to trespass on.

12. A father always knows what's on (you, your, you're) mind.