Set II, 22

Directions: Change any incorrect underlined words, and write the correct forms. Write C in the blank if the underlined word or words are used correctly.

1. Soap operas influence people attitudes on love and marriage. ____________

2. You non-swimmers would probably like to wet you feet. ____________

3. Use Webster New World Dictionary for definitions. ____________

4. That woman eyes are brown. ____________

5. We saw him talking to his son's. ____________

6. Leave a note for my husband and I if you can't meet us. ____________

7. They always know what is happening in their neighbor's house. ____________

8. Barry White voice is deep and masculine. ____________

9. Put you folded apple strudel into the oven. ____________

10. Little things often make a person's life better. ____________

11. To change a baby diaper you should follow certain steps. ____________

12. Al couldn't imagine hisself playing rock music. ____________

13. My sister, my friend, and myself walked to school every morning. ____________

14. There are always people who talk behind you're back. ____________

15. Everything that is mine will one day be yours. ____________

16. Our songs are usually about nature; their's are about love. ____________

17. I heard they voices from the other room. ____________

18. We were told to make them beds before the sergeant got here. ____________

19. Myself and my brother can do the work of ten men. ____________

20. I read the novel from cover to cover, but I couldn't follow it's plot. ____________