Set II, 18

The Elements of Sentences

Identify each of the following underlined words or word groups by marking S for subjects, P for predicates or verbs, C for subject complements, D for direct objects, and I for indirect objects.

_____ 1. Eczema is a symptom of dermatitis.

_____ 2. Malnutrition is one of the greatest dangers.

_____ 3. Many reports on vitamins are contradictory.

_____ 4. Some parents teach their children poor eating habits.

_____ 5. However, other parents serve their children meals that are nutritious.

_____ 6. Shortness of breath after exercise is an early symptom of heart failure.

_____ 7. Uncorrected eyesight causes eyestrain.

_____ 8. Reading in bed also causes eyestrain.

_____ 9. A headache is not a disease.

_____ 10. Protein is important for healthy hair.

_____ 11. Indigestion can occur after an unpleasant incident.

_____ 12. Most doctors can give their patients influenza vaccines.

_____ 13. Stress is a common cause of insomnia.

_____ 14. A charley horse is a leg cramp.

_____ 15. A cramp does not usually last long.

_____ 16. Rheumatism causes stiffness of muscles and pain in joints.

_____ 17. Eating different sugars and starches might cause cavities.

_____ 18. Squinting often indicates a visual problem.

_____ 19. A break in a bone is called a fracture.

_____ 20. Fever is a symptom of a number of diseases.