Set II, 16

Guide your readers so that it, they, them, or that references are clear.

Directions: In each sentence, cross out the italicized word that does not refer to a person or thing already named. Then insert a word or words of your own to make the meaning clear.

1. As I came home, it reminded me of a scary movie.

2. According to the story, they are looking for happiness and contentment.

3. Though they try hard to please everyone, they always find people who are unhappy with the food.

4. As the glass started to fall off the table, I grabbed it.

5. All you card sharks who spend free time playing cards in the cafeteria should sign up for them in the tournament.

6. When I return a book to the library, they always look at its due date.

7. The weather will play an important role in planning your trip. Your next step will be to find out the climate for that particular city.

8. Now that I have a job, I can buy things without having to ask them for the money.

9. I like to unpack crates because I can see them before all the other people do.

10. Parents cannot keep children from watching television, but that may be what TV is coming to.