Set II, 15a

Pronouns and Antecedents

Directions: Underline the antecedent. Circle the correct pronoun.

1. The committee has disagreed about (its, their) next move.

2. Each of the groups will have (its, their) convention here.

3. That package of clothes is heavy, so don't lift (it, them).

4. If any one of the sisters needs a ride to church, (she, they) can call me.

5. Kathryn and Alex are concerned about (her, their) welfare in this course.

6. Did Sam or Chris want (his, their) hair cut?

7. Somebody left (his, their) trash on the road.

8. At the end of the movies, each of the couples cleared up (its, their) misunderstanding.

9. The Washington team was optimistic; (they, it) took advantage of every break.

10. When a person is in trouble, (they, he) may resort to anything.

11. The new style of hats is supposed to be popular, but I don't like (them, it).

12. The books or the bag would be quite enough to carry, so don't tire yourself over (them, it).

13. What is wrong with the jury? (They, it) can't make a decision.

14. Actors during early rehearsals often forget (his, their) lines.

15. One has to live with (oneself, themselves).