Set II, 12

Making Pronouns Agree with Antecedents

Choose the correct or never-questioned pronoun in each sentence. Next to your choice put the antecedent and tell whether the antecedent is singular or plural.

EXAMPLE: Every tugboat in the harbor sounded (its, their) foghorn. its -- tugboat (singular)

1. Did everyone in the play remember (his, their) lines?

2. If anyone finds a glasses case, will (he, they) please deliver it to the Lost and Found Office.

3. Neither of the boys could find (his, their) way without a compass.

4. Every student in our class had (his, their) picture taken for the Chronicle.

5. In our section of woodland, every bird builds (its, their) own nest except the catbird.

6. Dan has always admired a person who can keep (his, their) head in an emergency.

7. If you have finished either of those magazines, will you lend (it, them) to me?

8. Every member of our family has (his, their) favorite television comedian.