Set II, 11

Choose the correct case for the pronoun. 

1. Water frightens him more than (she, her).

2. My brother is more serious than (she, her).

3. We eat ice cream more often than (they, them).

4. I am as old as (they, them).

5. He is not so old as (we, us).

6. Although our term papers were the same length, the professor gave him a higher grade than (I, me).

7. If you don't think that her friends are as nice as (she, her), why not tell her so?

8. They think they are sharper than (she, her), but wait until they tangle with her and find out the truth.

9. You paid more than (we, us) for that stereo.

10. Sometimes, our children act more mature than (we, us).

11. It often seems to be harder for me than (he, him).

12. Do you think that his sister will be as overweight as (he, him)?