Set II, 10

Choosing the correct singular or plural form

Choose the correct word or words.

1. The children insisted on doing it (himself, themselves).

2. Someone forgot (his, their) ticket to the play.

3. I bought new eyeglasses, and (it, they) really make me look different.

4. He bought a new pair of slacks, but (it, they) had to be returned because of a tear in the seam.

5. A nurse is known for (her, their) dedication.

6. The average woman wants (her, their) children to grow up to be pleasant and helpful adults.

7. If each does (his, their) best, (he, they) will get the job done on time.

8. Americans today want to work to make this a better country for (him, them) and (his, their) children to live in.

9. Horses are complex animals. (It is, They are) popular with many young people today. Learning to ride (it, them) is also a challenge.

10. Men want (his, their) children to get to know (him, them). In addition (they also want, he also wants) more time to spend with (his, their) families.