Set I, 9

Using forms of the verb be

Directions: In each of the following sentences, cross out any incorrect form of the verb be that you find in parentheses. Then write the correct form of be.

1. The ladies (are, be) wearing pretty bonnets and lovely, ruffled dresses.

2. My friends will (be, been) here at noon.

3. On Saturdays, I (am, be) dusting the living room whenever you look for me.

4. Pick up those papers; they (being, are being) scattered all over the room.

5. My friend Ronald (been, has been) good to me.

6. This summer everyone (is, be) wearing shorts, halters, and all sorts of comfortable clothing.

7. Since I (am, be) now attending the community college in this area, I can easily come in for a job interview.

8. Edna (been, had been) spoiling those children for a long time.

9. When I walk into the noisy dining room, sound (be, is) vibrating from the walls.

10. We (been, have been) friends for a long time now.