Set I, 7

Circle the action verb (the do word) in these sentences. Some sentences contain more than one action verb.

1. The chubby baby drank a full bottle of milk.

2. Four thieves drove away with my new Lincoln.

3. His professor never marks themes during vacation.

4. A lovely woman sold fruit under the palm trees.

5. At the first sign of a cold, drink a glass of orange juice.

6. Near dawn, the huge eagle circled its nest.

7. The slippery plate smashed against the stone floor.

8. My cousin ran to his best friend's house on 112th Street.

9. On the first pitch, the lead-off man slammed a home-run into the bleachers.

10. Wow, he grew six inches in six months!

11. After he did his homework, Bill went to the park.

12. The students wanted the new instructor, but her classes closed early in registration.

13. These books bored me, but they fascinated everyone else.

14. In the winter, I stay in the house all day.

15. He won the court case because the lawyers fought very hard.

Circle the linking verbs in these sentences; underline the subject and the descriptive word.

Note that the most common linking verb is to be (am, is, are, was, were).

1. My uncle was fat for ten years.

2. In the afternoon, the sky grew cloudy.

3. They were happy all their lives.

4. Dogs always feel frisky after a bath.

5. These houses appeared too dirty for human habitation.

6. Raphael is very studious.

7. She looked tired after the four hour chemistry laboratory.

8. Everyone seems relieved at the end of the semester.

9. Frankly, I am sorry for him.