Set I, 5

Finding Verbs

Find the verbs in the following sentences.


1. Besides metals, many materials have been used for money.

2. In some parts of the world men have used fishhooks, whale teeth, and elephant tails for money.

3. Metal coins, of course, have always been popular as a medium of exchange.

4. Because of their size and weight, coins are not suitable for all purposes.

5. Paper money is one solution.

6. Without paper money our life would be quite different.

7. Paper money must be backed by a reliable source.

8. People must have faith in their government.

9. The Chinese printed the first paper money centuries ago.

10. Marco Polo in the Thirteenth Century found paper money already in use in China.

11. Since that time, governments have been printing paper money, sometimes with disastrous results.

12. In times of great difficulty, governments sometimes print too much paper money.

13. The value of the money then decreases.

14. In 1946, during the inflation, Hungary printed a paper note for 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 pengos.

15. Our own paper money is backed by the faith of the people of the United States.

16. Some facts about our money may interest you.

17. Paper money was once issued in the amount of five cents.

18. The life of an average dollar bill is only six months.

19. A twenty-dollar bill lasts, on the average, thirty months.

20. Except for a handful of notes many years ago, the Treasury Seal has always appeared on American paper money.